Smash And/Or Grab

(All the way live from the 2-1-5)

Some Funny Jokes I Thought Of After We Got Our Window Smashed And Half Our Shit Stolen In A West Philadelphia Hotel Parking Lot But It Was Still Too Soon To Say:

- It's OK guys, they didn't take the blender!
- It's official: NOBODY wants these High Anxiety 7"es!
- (post-cleanup)Wow, this is the cleanest the van's been in 2 weeks!
- Somethin' Somethin' CURSED!
- (bulb of garlic on driver's seat) I figured it out...vampires!
- There's gonna be TONS of room in here now!
- So, do we still get the continental breakfast?

Too Soon. Too Soon. Can we get Gianni's now?

*We're trying to sort it out, decide what to do. Waiting for cops at the moment just to have a report in case we can do anything about it later. Andrus is on suicide watch, his baby is gone. Damage control for now. More news at 6 and 11. See you out there somewhere if we get there.

Here's a pretty complete list of everything that was stolen. PLEASE pass it on and re-post anywhere you possibly can.


Black Drum Seeker hardware bag


-DW 5000 kick pedal

-Gibraltar heavy duty straight cymbal stand

-Gibraltar rack tom mount/clamp

-Gibraltar snare stand

-Yamaha boom stand

-Yamaha straight cymbal stand

-Yamaha hi-hat stand

-3 Gibraltar floor tom legs

White Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom

1960 Marshall 4x12 Speaker Cabinet

Black Box w/

-Boss TU-2 Chromatic tuner

-MXR Gain Boost Pedal

-Red Wah Pedal

-Boss Digital Delay Pedal

-Pro Co. Ratt Pedal

White Fender Jaguar Bass (MIJ)

Green Bullet Box w/

-patch chords

-Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner

-Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal

Black 1976 USA Fender Telecaster Deluxe

Marshall 4x12 Slant Speaker Cabinet (one of the speakers has a white patch job on it very small on the cone)

- Boss Blues Driver BD-2

- Heavy Metal HM-2

- Boss Chromatic Tuner TU-2


tom Neely said...

when this happened to torche last month, they set up a paypal donation to help keep the band on the road and help them get new gear.

Hélio said...

What the fuck!!!!
I can´t believe it!!!
I hope good news dudes!!!


Anonymous said...

If you're in the Upenn area at all (up to 45th & Market) call the Penn police, not West Philly police - 215-573-3333. They have cameras in the area and will respond WAY sooner.

Anonymous said...

shittiest news, will the hotel cover any of the damages since it happened in their parking lot?

Anonymous said...

This sucks so so bad and is so unfair that it'd happen to such a good bunch of dudes.

CC said...

Thanks a bunch everybody. No, the hotel had no cameras and no official guarantee for things stolen from their parking lot. I'd really hate to take anyone's money for nothing, if anything, come out to the shows, have fun, buy the record and hopefully dig it, that helps us the most. Tomorrow we'll do what Rollins would do, stfu and figure out a plan. Thanks for the support, dudes.

Anonymous said...

Aw man that's horrible!! Post here if you guys change your minds regarding the Paypal donation page -- I'll donate. I'm picking up tickets tomorrow for the Toronto show. Also, I would bet money that the people who did this are German and probably just torched the gear out of spite.

tunbridge wells forum said...

guys this is such bad news. i guess there is always a sexy flame guitar in the uk for you to use next time youre over. i hope you get good news soon. chris:tunbridge wells

Tom said...

That's fucking rough. I'd honestly like to say this kind of shit doesn't happen in Aus and you guys should stick around here for a while but nobody can promise that. Hope it works out.

Mike Kirschbaum said...

SO sorry that this happened. On the bright side, I'm bringing the old lady and her nephew out to see you play tomorrow, so we'll be buying lots of goodies and rockin the night away!

DaveScattered said...

What hotel was it? ALOT of bands have been getting robbed from Holiday Inn in Philly.

Joe said...

if you need any help gear wise on your cleveland date, my band is opening the show. i even have an HM-2 pedal if you guys want to use it for the show.

feel free to send me an e-mail: cultexciter@yahoo.com

burrows said...

if you dudes need to use any drum stuff in cleveland, you can use mine.

i'm in joe's (above) band and also his roommate, so let us know.

Alex said...

Dudes, seriously, set up a Paypal account, I want to donate. Can't believe this shit.

I assure you, if this happened in England, heads would roll.

whips said...

a lot of people i know want to donate money so do it. you guys don't deserve all that shit

Anonymous said...

That sandwich is killing me...

Where in Toronto can I get a big greasy veg sandwich... that is awesome?

Anonymous said...

Pennsylvania always sucked, and this adds to the shitpile. I understand how you're feeling since it happened to me too. Chris, I understand that you're no money grabber, but curb your principles for a while and accept the paypal donations offered, open an account if you don't have one, it'll be our way to say that we care for you guys and what you do to us. Even if we go to the shows and buy records and shirts it will never cover the cost of your equipment, plus you guys need gas and food, right?

Jon said...

with the amount of stuff stolen, sound kinda like someone working at the hotel tipped someone off. as a Philadelphian i am sorry that happened to you here!

Ant said...

This is so fucking shitty! If donating money is going to help you guys get to Portland, OR and/or Seattle at some point this Summer, then I'll go break my daughter's piggy bank open right now!!

...kidding aside, the new album is EPIC and I would have no problem donating money to help you dudes get back to fucking shit up with new gear.

Alex said...

Whatever you do, please do not quit, I've booked most of December off work so I can go to your UK shows.

TC said...

fucking terrible. I will see you guys at Parts and Labour.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,

This is Mike from Allentown, Pennsylvania. My email is mhode581@live.kutztown.edu. Next time you guys are coming through, get in touch!

Hope the rest of the tour goes well,