Okay, Maybe Just ONE More 2011 Show.

Go see Fucked Up's Xmas Benefit Show at the Great Hall with SLOAN, and then come by on us at the Garrison with the above bands. It's a benefit for the Counterfit Harm Reduction Program (a local community street outreach and harm reduction program) and the Barriere Lake Legal Defense Fund (supporting the Algonquin Indians of Barriere Lake in their costly legal battle against the Canadian Government to uphold, enforce and protect their Ontario/Quebec land rights signed into law in 1992 in the Trilateral Agreement). Click either of the above links for more information on either. We'll be playing a pile of the new songs from the upcoming LP and selective old ones too.

*Here's the thing from that LA thing from that time with the thing.


NickH said...

Cool interview, good insight.

Now, I got Nothin' But Love For Ya Babies, so this is not an insult... but Chris often reminds me of what would have resulted if Perry Farrell and Rollins could've bred on that '91 alt. love-in.

Keep shows posted as they get set; I've gotta save/plan so I can jam to whatever overseas spot you're going to Rock. Unless, you want to make like Most Precious Blood & Entombed and >tour South Africa?<
NO, I can't offer you phat government tenders...

CC said...

Hi Nick, thanks for jumping on board. Hey man, we've got some cool shit lining up for this year on heretofore unexplored continents. If you know anyone that books tours like this in S.Africa, we'd be open as fuck to trying. I watched a doc on SA punk and it looked like a lot of ska. I'm so sorry for your loss, hahah, and I'll try to help any way I can.

NickH said...

Yee-ah... apart from the humanitarian wreck of Apartheid, a lot of our artforms suffered/stagnated from being cut off from the rest of the world. So apart from a HANDFUL of good bands, a lot tries to ape what seems popular elsewhere - Sad. SA musos who make me proud, I'd endorse Trevor Jones (composer), BLK JKS (indie), Groinchurn (grindcore), Warinsane (metal).

Cool- I'll dig around for info; the label that brought most heavy bands here went into the red. But last year, some plan was devised and Horse the Band came over to be enjoyably obnoxious - so maybe BL can helped to jam over.

*PS* Thanks for the years in Cursed & the informative, entertaining interviews... hope you still pump Witchery. Aside Nails, any recent hard/heavy bands you guys dig?

NickH said...

Ok, y'all gave me a "Proactivity boner", so one place to start for checking out playing around SA might be these dudes on the RadioShow, "Danger Zone". Yea, Kenny Loggins is Hardboiled.


[Chris - if it isn't TOO bold, is there any way I can send this type of info to you direct, ala private e-mail? Don't wanna clog the BL board with too much side-content. Or get all your First world fans bored with my NeverEnding Struggle For Good Gigs...]

CC said...

Nick. Fuck yeah I still pump Witchery. With the exception of the last 2 LPs because they straight up suck. But Dead Hot & Ready, Restless & Dead through Symphony For The Devil...untouchable. Good new loud shit? Rotten Sound's new LP, "Cursed" (I know weird right). It KILLS! They're channeling Nasum hard, and they're a great band.

Thanks for the SA tips, we'll see if it's doable for a band of our (zero) stature. I've read a lot of Kapuscinski and do really wanna see your continent. Particularly Zambia, that's close to you, right? Hahah, I know.

NickH said...

Ha Ha Ha, nice! I can take the First World perspectives in stride. There's so much I love from Canada... but I was un-psyched to learn that NOT all its natives roll like this:


Yep, Witchery's "Symphony" just slaughters; I haven't heard the last one. A friend and I got to chat to Jensen when the Haunted came down in '03 - cool charismatic guy. Therefore, we stopped short of asking him to sign the promo copy of the album which we had... would've been a touch rude.

Ashamed to say I haven't heard "Cursed" properly YET, will get on it. Their ex-bassist Toni's in this atmospheric crustpunk band called Unkind: "Harhakuvat" was probably my favourite loud record of last year, worth a listen.

Thanks again for fielding the online inquisition; you join the likes of Skitsystem bros who couldn't believe someone in SA knew who they were, and JR of Pig Destroyer who good naturedly said I should head over to the US for things like PBRs and the pg.99 reunion. This South African appreciates it!

Back on track: poised for the next Burning Love joint! FINALLY was able to source my own original copy of "Songs" to be mailed down here, so Stoked. and these upcoming tasty tours you guys will be joining? I have some notions...