Converge Shows, LP & EP News

We hounded the Converge dudes on tour all summer to get back up here and play some proper Canadian dates and they're delivering the goods this April with some killer shows, and we're playing them (also w/Lomo Prieta and Get Some):

04.03.12 - Syracuse NY @ The Lost Horizon
04.04.12 - Ottawa ON @ Ritual
04.05.12 - Montreal QC @ La Tulipe
04.06.12 - Toronto ON @ Mod Club

...and don't forget the Parts & Labor and Wavelength shows coming up in the next few weeks (see below).

Karla / Love's My Only Crime EP

We're recording next week with our friend Josh Korody (who did our track Mess for City Limits) for a 7" that'll come out in the spring on High Anxiety, featuring the track Karla on the a side (come on, I've been waiting 20 years to write a Karla Homolka song) and Love's My Only Crime by the Laughing Hyenas on the b-side.

Rotten Thing To Say LP

The LP is done, done, done - in the bag and set for a May release on Southern Lord. It's also going to be available in Japan through Daymare and in Australia through Resist.

And in a related story, all that sick 2012 tour news is coming up soon...


disease rogue said...

add cleveland to the bill. ill make the poutine.

NickH said...

...and, Whoops there it is!

High times, dudes - the month of May is certified "Merry". Pumped.
Laughing Hyenas cover? Righteous! In another 6 years, we'll need a Today Is the Day take.