What Gives / What You Gonna Do?

Truly a squirrelly couple of weeks (see below), but there's too much going down right now to do anything but figure it out, dig in and keep rolling. So fuck it, what's next? The good news:

1. You can now hear (and read) the LP track "Hateful Comforts" HERE on Alternative Press. 

2. The Black Widow 7" is out now on High Anxiety/No Idea, and you can order it HERE

2.5. The B-side of the 7" is also streaming on Brooklyn Vegan: HERE.

3. There's a brand new interview up HERE on Let's Lynch The Bastard, which will be coming out in zine form as well as online. 

4. NASUM SHOWS - We just got added to the Toronto and Montreal shows in a few weeks with NASUM and Brutal Truth, since Dropdead have unfortunately had to cancel. They are Sunday the 20th at the Annex Wreckroom in Toronto and Monday the 21st at Salla Rossa in Montreal. No doubt we're gonna be some poser shit to a room of grindcore and metal kids, but regardless, this is very personal and exciting to be any part of. Nasum were an untouchable band in their absolute prime and like most fans I never got to see them after their singer and his partner were at the wrongest of places at the worst of times and were swept out to sea and killed in the historic tsunami in Thailand in 2004. I saw firsthand on Cursed tour in Scandinavia and Europe in the following months of 2005 what a great loss it was to our community. So it's great that they're finally getting to have a proper ending to that chapter, thanks to Keijo from Rotten Sound, the only man who could possibly step up to the task, and that finally all the people over here who have figured out Nasum's true impact since then, can pay their respects first hand. Thanks for having us.

5. RTTS Limited Release Show Edition - The RTTS record release show is going ahead as planned, June 8th at the Silver Dollar. We're having 100 of the LP shipped straight from the plant early so we can do a limited release show cover version of the LP just for this one show. For the uninitiated, a release show version of a record is a record made specifically for one event, so as to allow the listener to look back, like "Hey, remember this night? What a blast! Dan Burke fell down the stairs!" etc. The last time I did this arts & crafts shit (Cursed III Good Friday Edition) I learned fast that about 12 out of 10 people at your merch table on such a night are looking at it more like a $15 square thing that can promptly be turned into a $100 bill. But I'm a record dork myself and I love doing shit like this, so I'm not gonna fight it. You make something rare and collectible, that part is cool - it's only the money that bothers me, because we keep our own things as cheap and accessible as we can. But hey, it's your party. And for the benefit of any music fans out there, the square thing will also contain a round thing imprinted with songs you can play on your phonograph player, and an extra inner square thing with words about those songs that you can read and think about. And a fun cover that will make little sense outside of Toronto. Limit: one per entrepreneur. Friday June 8 @ the Silver Dollar with Purity Control, Suicider and Wastoids.

6. Due to some US Visa delays, we have to reroute the first few shows of June tour from US and go the long and scenic route west by going north through Canada instead on those same dates (June 11-13). So apologies to Detroit, Milwaukee and Minneapolis. Good news is, we'll finally get our asses to Sudbury like we've been meaning to for years (June 11 at Millard's Garage, 459 Lasalle). Then we're gonna try our luck with Sault Ste Marie and Thunder Bay, though it might just be us and some caribou. At least it's a really beautiful drive. And we pick up from Winnipeg to Vancouver as planned from there. 

7. Vogelisms.com. How come no one told me about this shit until now?


NickH said...

High Times guys, enjoy!
(if I may ask, when will RTTS be out on disc via SL?)

Again those Nasum shows will RIP. Not sure with this fixation on what's "poser," which has gotten worse post-internet. As the musicians who forged the genres will tell you, grindcore --> metal + hardcore --> punk rock. [especially in the re-rise of crust/d-beat]
When you hear it & see it live, you know it comes from the Heart; then who gives a fuck about "authenticity?"
BL will deliver the goods!
(Chris, maybe arrange to enter stage in leathers & on a Harley)

NickH said...

New track is RIGHTEOUS; and release date is now noted.

Wow, "Alternative Press." I loved that mag... when there were articles about Cop Shoot Cop and work being done on what would be Jesus Lizard's last album. (No BS: this South African saw an album ad for some dudes called "Kittens" in that very publication)
Last time I looked in '04, they were overrun with "not enough guitars in the monitors & too many dudes with chick-haircuts in front of me." GAH
So, cheers to you dudes for returning careening ROCK to those pages.

Sweet interview, as per usual Chris.
One of the great things about finding out about muzak on your own steam - your sincere love of it is assured. With respect, way back when I respected your work-ethic in Ruination, Left for Dead, Countdown etc. etc. ...but I never heard them, so I wasn't affected by *some* of the HC purists crowing for reunions. I came in with Cursed, on a hunch as Uffe C. and Tompa Lindberg were excited about the band. "Hardcore?" Eh, I was learning about the genre - but the punk rock, "death n' roll" dimension came through loud n' clear.
So as you've known as an artist for longer than I have, the importance of "labels" and conformity to them is bollocks.

Where exactly did the Cursed "fashion cult" idea come from? Doesn't matter really, but who gives a fuck about "kvlt status?" You lived it as HARD as you could, released great records, tore ears off & minds open (as I essentially badgered my best bud with "I" 'til he listened to it.) >>All you need.

Sorry for spaz out -stoked with the exciting Burning Love events! Again enjoy the Nasum/BxTx shows... those bands will definitely respect your crusty punk rock attack.
Any fools give you pretentious "hipster" crap, tell them that you're the lovechildren of the Hellacopters & Raw Power.

glamur_p said...

I love your band :)

mrezac said...

will you hit Minneapolis some other time? please?

NickH said...

As I'm seeing Mr. Hank orate live for the first time on Friday, I'm posting this slice o' positivity here in my excitement. (almost was something off "Weight," it was close) Enjoy, punks!