Not If I CBC You First / Twitter: Don't Do It.

     Here's an interview with the CBC's Vish Khanna from just yesterday, which also kicked our ass in gear to update the BL page on the CBC, so you can now hear all of RTTS there. Thanks to Vish and that hallowed Canadian institution.

     NOT DEAD YET 2012 started last night with Martin (Crudos/Limp Wrist) Sorrendeguy's incredible restrospective photo exhibit Get Shot that'll be up for the duration of the fest at the Hunt Club (709 College St). NDY 2012 Schedule. No sleep till Monday, Toronto.

     Also, hey. Sit down with dad for a second. For realsies now. There IS a BL Twitter, the result of an overtired joke in a hotel room while recording, where we would only talk about farting and use no vowels. It was a funny about how degenerated that voyeuristic culture is. But it's not real, will not be kept up with any regularity (we've actually lost the login info) and isn't a good way to be in touch with our moment to moment frtn activities. We keep getting friend requests (Danny Devito?!) and messages about it and I just want to reiterate that (if you are not an Arab Spring activist, a Chinese dissident or someone evading arrest while protesting in a totalitarian state) Twitter is in fact useless and microcosmically vacant. Ours was purely for jokes and is technically there but not active (like the brains of modern men everywhere, myself included). Read a book, Bieber.  Real talk.

     In a related story, Chris Fucking Hedges can't be bought. Try stuffing THIS guy into 140 characters or less. A credible and highly recommended 3 hour tour of reality:

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Trevor Lucius said...

Hedges is the best.

Bummed I didn't get to see BL this year. The Fest footage looks like a lot of fun.