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The Eagle Has Landed

Thursday 15th - The Marquee, Norwich
Saturday 17th - Means To An End festival, Bradford 1in12
Sunday 18th - Yorkshire House, Lancaster
Monday 19th - Retro Bar, Manchester
Tuesday 20th - Rondda Hotel, Porth, Wales
Wednesday 21st - Basement Show, London
Thursday 22nd - Ringside, Hull
Friday 23rd - Venue TBC, Leeds
Saturday 24th - Sherburn Village Community centre, Durham
Sunday 25th - Running Riot Festival, London Underworld
Monday 26th - Wagon & Horses, Birmingham
Tuesday 27th - Engine Room, Brighton
Wednesday 28th - The Forum, Tunbridge Wells

1st Order Of Business:
...this EP is out and you can get it from TDON.
Burning Love. It's kind of a stupid name, right? You kind of hate it? Okay, fair enough. It's not tough, dark, evil, post-ironic, retro hardcore, or even remotely cynical. You'll have to suck it up until you get to know us better. I think that's fair considering all the terrible band names I've silently endured through the years. Seriously now. From the early 90's reign of 2-syllable compound words through the decade of painfully played out tough guy mosh bands with disproportionately apocalyptic, vaguely Christian drama queen names, let's just call it the Tears From the Bleeding Sky of the Broken Angel Wings From Heaven era. And good fucking riddance. Through to the more recent internet age of timid, text-obsessed kids with throat tattoos and Jennifer Love Hewitt hairdos, singy verses and death metal chorus with vaguely glam-influenced names starring any juxtaposed combination of beauty and murder themes (Lipstick & Cosmetics vs Razors, Poison, Bullets, etc), and that lovable overwrought neo thug-core with Clipse-inspired gambling & drug dealing themes for names...which brings us to the modern age - the Reign of the Plurals. I'd like to formally take this opportunity to offer a creative challenge to the hardcore punk and indie rock community. Please, please stop naming your bands after plural nouns. It's getting a bit much. It's definitely a step up from those godawful indie sentence fragment names but the plurals, they are almost entirely exhausted, and may soon be hunted into extinction. How about a nice verb-noun combo, like The Running? In any case, I just wanted to put that out there because we gotta get away from bills that look like this:

Saturday April 15th:
Burning Love, The Everything, Turds, Shoes, I AM the Internet, Apples, The Dust, Molecules, You Are Eating My Face, Band Name. 8PM PWYC

Actually no, Band Name would be a sweet band name. Okay, glad we got that out of the way. Sorry but it had to be said. So, here's a taste of what's coming up on the LP, a demo of a new song, Gain. You like songs about going deaf? Sweet!

We're playing the Friday night of Fucked Up Fest (w/Cro-Mags, FU etc) at the Kathedral and on Sunday Nov. 1st, playing a Quebec City matinee show following our friends' wedding, then A Varning In Montreal festival which includes Japan's mighty DSB, as well as our brahs Vile Intent, Omegas, Castavets and a shit-tonne more. It's at the new and improved Katacombes, which rules, and we play last on the Thursday (November 5th):
BURNING LOVE 1:00-1:45am
UNRULED 12:10-12:45am
OMEGAS 11:25-11:55pm
MOLESTED YOUTH 10:40-11:10pm
URBAN BLIGHT 9:55-10:25pm
CASTEVETS 9:15-9:40pm
ILEGAL 8:40-9:05pm
VILE INTENT 8:00-8:25pm


Hey, you like skulls and vaginas? You can order this in short or longsleeve now from 30 Days Of Night:


The Songs For Burning Lovers LP is 90% written, we're looking to recorded this winter at Hotel 2 Tango and it now has a home - we're glad to say it is going to be released on Deranged. Stoked!

Oh hey Jesus Christ, you got huge! Been working out? Where do you sleep in outer space? Watch out for that Nebula!


Anonymous said...

keep some for me! and enjoy touring the uk !!!


Anonymous said...

Hope to see you guys in the UK, i'll do my best to come over.


Anonymous said...

You guys dont even officially have an album out yet, and you might be the greatest band ever. Who Zeppelin? What Sabbath? Fuck them! Come to Portland, OR!

Anonymous said...

Bring that shirt to Varning in Mtl pleeease!

cheers from MTL, Canada

Anonymous said...

where is this basement show on the 21st.
my dick is bleeding with a thirst for knowledge!


Hang The Bastard said...

Dudes, it was a total blast playing a few shows together!

Hang The Bastard

Hélio said...

I can´t wait for the Burning´s LP!!!
See ya!

88 said...

Anyway a poor Canadian could get his hands on your 7" / tape / BOTH?? without having to ship from the UK?

Loving the tunes by the way, come to Edmonton!