Man Alive! Who knew UK crust punks loved the K & jungle so much? Thanks so fucking much to Pat & Molly, Ash and friends, Jamie TDON and everyone that made the UK come together...

...Front to back, it was awesome and so fun. Cry Havok was the best thing we'd all seen ever, made Disrupt look like the fucking Get Up Kids. Look out for them. The 7" is mostly gone, so you may be able to get them from TDON still. Deranged is in the process of releasing a domestic NA version as well. We're doing a split 5" with Hellion's British bastards Rot In Hell and an EP for Deranged ahead of the LP, featuring a new song as well as Jack The Ripper, the Bad Seeds cover we did for our friends' wedding in Quebec City.

11.05.09 (This Thursday): VARNING! Katacombes, Montreal.
You can't beat this falcon lineup:

BURNING LOVE 1:00-1:45am
COMPLICATIONS 12:10-12:45am
OMEGAS 11:25-11:55pm
MOLESTED YOUTH 10:40-11:10pm
URBAN BLIGHT 9:55-10:25pm
CASTEVETS 9:15-9:40pm
ILEGAL 8:40-9:05pm
VILE INTENT 8:00-8:25pm

11.06.09 (This Friday)at Hard Luck (White Orchid) Toronto:
BCDC LP release, and one of the last Crux of Aux shows.
12.05.09 @ Hard Luck w/Death In Custody, Sick Error
and Everything Falls Apart (Buffalo) 9PM $7.
12.13.09 Fuck Off Cancer at the Kathedral (T.O)
w/Black Faxes, The Klopeks, Outbred Inlaws and Bathurst Queens.

...stay tuned for flyer and more show info.


Molly Megson said...

Chris, check this photo of hull out - I thought you might like it.


Molly x

Communications said...

I only hope that crust punks found the time to introduce you to dubstep while they were on their comedown