05.12.09 - Hard Luck (812 Dundas West - $7 9pm All Ages)
w/Death In Custody (MI), Everything Falls Apart (NY), Sick Error
13.12.09 - Kathedral - Princess Margaret Cancer Research Benefit. PS: the Reverb/Kathedral is closing its doors forever at the end of the month, this is one of the last shows before it becomes either yuppie condos, an American Apparel or 8 sushi bars. RIP Queen St West:
09.01.10 Sneaky Dees Toronto with Barn Burner

After that we probably won't be playing Toronto for at least 8 to 12 days, maybe more, as we'll be recording the LP for Deranged in Jan/Feb. As we said, there's a split 5" with UK's Rot In Hell in the works, if Chris D doesn't go to prison for Incitement to Riot (fingers crossed for you, buddy, seriously). There is a single for the song "Don't Ever Change" coming out on Deranged with a Nick Cave cover on the b-side. Deranged is also putting out the demo 7" domestically, which TDON so lovingly helped us out with in the UK. On foreign shores, you may still be able to get one from them.
Hey. You read books? I don't. No, just kidding - I do! Me Smart! And you know what's a sick book? Kurt Vonnegut's "Armageddon In Retrospect". He pre-arranged it to come out on the one year anniversary of his death. And holy shit, it's a doozy. Check it out some time. Here's a good excerpt.
Nighty-night, K.V. 1922-2007


Unknown said...

I am reading Sirens of Titan for the third time right now. What a dude.

Anonymous said...


Supporting BL in basements in California. Cant wait for the LP

Anonymous said...


my bad

Tony Goat Speed said...

jeezus CC, I just read that excerpt from "Armageddon In Retrospect", think I may have to make a purchase ;)