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New Song from the LP, "MISERABLE SOUND" is up HERE, lyrics HERE.
We're playing on the 16th with Lullabye Arkestra at the Garrison.
(Doors at 9pm. $10 at Rotate, Soundscapes, www.ticketweb.ca)
Also, BL/Coliseum summer tour dates to be posted soon.
Friends, enemies, frenemies...it's official. The Songs For Burning Lovers LP is hereby in the can. Ian Blurton ("Sir Ian Blurton" if you're a liner-note writer, Miss Jackson if you're nasty) has gone and hit this one out of the park, and graced us with a face-melter of a solo on "Miserable Sound" as well. It is thirty somethin' somethin' minutes long and the track list is as follows:

Destroyer of Worlds
Don't Ever Change
Memento Mori
Curse Breaker
Miserable Sound...
...Miserable Sound
High Speed Wires
Alien Vs. Creditor
Money Shots
Morning After Party
Intro/The Needle
Burning Love

It'll probably be later May that it comes out (Deranged) and we'll be doing a Toronto and possibly MTL & Sherbrooke release show, and some other Southern O shows around it.
We are touring with Coliseum this summer, from June through September. If you live anywhere in America (even Buttfuck, whichever state that's in), we're probably coming there. Thanks for your patience everyone. Meantime, you can now get the digital versions of both the Deranged 7"es from Itunes etc, and you can preorder this from Deranged:

...and the Don't Ever Change 7" too I believe.
Thanks to the folks at AUX TV, here's that thing:

Next home game: 3.11.10 - Wreckroom w/ Coalesce, Harvey Milk +1
Here's to a new year, and an apartment messed up with photo gear just like old times! This is for the cover of our new EP, which is a single from Songs For Burning Lovers called Don't Ever Change. The B-Side, we mighta mentioned, was a slow dance request from some friends in Quebec and LA whose wedding we played over Halloween. It's a Bad Seeds song about evil love called Jack The Ripper. This will be out on Deranged in Feb/March.
...and the domestic version of the demo 7" will be out within a few weeks. Thanks to Barn Burner, Fog of Leprosy, BCBC and everyone at Dees the other night. It was awesome. We did a segment for AUX TV and they taped a bunch of the show. We'll put it up here after it airs in a few weeks and you can surely find it on their site too. We're currently booking a few weekends in Ontario in the next 8 weeks, and tourrrrrrs after that. Here's to good times next weekend with friends in MTL. It's Brazen Hell's 7" release in Sherbrooke, and sadly, Castevets' last show at Barfly in MTL. So if you're near, we'll see you there. We have 2 new shirts, skillfully cranked out by our boys at Astro. We'll have these and a sweet black on black version of the "face" shirt for next weekend (see below) and beyond:
15.01.10 Sherbrooke QC @ Bar Magog
w/ Brazen Hell (7" Release) & Barn Burner
16.01.10 Montreal - Barfly with Barn Burner & Castevets


Seanicus said...

Is Deranged putting out both 7"s? I ordered the demo 7" in multiple colors but, three months later, they have yet to arrive. Nevertheless, looking forward to more jams.

CC said...

Yes, they are doing both the demo EP and the new one. The demo one if you didn't get it yet, it's because it's not done, probably in the next 2 weeks. The new new one we just sent all tracks and art off so it'll be a bit longer too, so you maybe want to wait to preorder that one till it's closer.

Anonymous said...

Thirty Days of Night took forever to get my order to me. But keep an eye on the mail.

CC said...

Yeah, they wrote me about it, they had a bunch of things lost in the mail over there (legit) that they had to re-send. Some British mailman is trying to pawn them for chippy money. But anyone didn't yet get it, it's definitely incoming.

TC said...

I am so so so so sad I missed that show at sneaky's. we were playing just down the street at rancho!

CC said...

S'okay man. Was a killer show but it'll air in a few weeks and then we'll put the video with a bunch of the show footage up here.

Freek said...

On last.fm it's saying that you'll be playing a show in the Czech Republic soon. If that's info is correct; are you planning on doing some more show in Europe?

CC said...

Freek - Sorry, I'm not sure who put that there but it's not officially scheduled right now. We're recording in Feb and are going to come over to Europe once the LP is out, hopefully summer or fall, but any specific show info out there is premature, for now.

whips said...

let me know the date of the release show i will try to bring people for sherbrooke

Anonymous said...

Hope East means also Montreal with that nice double bill. And maybe going back to the Cove would be better than the too small Barfly.

Hélio said...

I can´t wait for the new songs!!! One day, I wanna see you guys!!!


CC said...

East Coast with Crux of Aux would definitely include Montreal, Ottawa, QC, Sherbrooke, Halifax, Charlottown, the usuals.

Anonymous said...

Saw that you mentioned Thirty Days had shipping problems. I got my order recently, but only half of it and they're not responding to emails. Any idea what's up at this point?


CC said...

Blaich - what's your email? I'll send it to Jamie at TDON. He just cleared up a bunch of lost mail and was asking me to send anyone else in this boat his way.

Anonymous said...

I printed out my 'zine, the one i did and interview with you for, when you were over here in the UK last year. Anyway, if you want a copy i'll send one out.

Cheers, looking forward to the new stuff.


Unknown said...

Guys. awesome new stuff on myspace. love that miserable sound!:)
come to Croatia!