...And Then This Happened

I know, right?
And who even knows how much more is down the hole?
I really just wanted to share that.

TAGS: Veganism, High Fiber Diet, Guinness Book Of World Records,
B'log, NYC, 538 Forever, Berntsen Rules.


10.26 (tonight) DC @ Everlasting Life w/Deathrats
10.27 - Greensboro NC @ 412 N.Cedar St w/ Torch Runner
10.28 - Greensboro NC @ Legit Biz w/Soul Control
10.29 - Gainesville FL @ 8 Seconds (FEST)
10.30 - Birmingham AL @ Magic City w/ Nebulous
10.31 - Toronto @ Garrison w/Fucked Up & The Sadies
11.01 - Buffalo @ 403 Breckenridge Ave w/ Worthless,
Bestower & Vile Crocodile.


Esteban™ said...

fucking angry turd

Esteban™ said...
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Anonymous said...

Why good sir? WHY?

P.S. you guys hinted at a New Year's eve show in Toronto. Is that really happening? Details?

Anonymous said...

Oh, dude... dude... DUDE...

Dude, you totally just went down a few notches just for posting that pic :S

- Rain

CC said...

Hahah. That's cool. I went down a few notches on my belt when that happened too.

Just didn't feel right not to share that with the world.

X said...

Hey dudes, I tried to find some sort of contact info on this blog, but came up with nothing, so I figured I'd just leave this comment.
I live in Virginia Beach, VA and if you guys ever need a show here, I could definitely set up something fun. Even if you need contact in Richmond, I could definitely help with that as well. Otherwise, LP kicks ass and hope to see you guys live sooner than later. Take care.
- Christian.

CC said...

New Years Eve is going to be at Rancho Relaxo, with Mad Men plus many more. Its hopefully going to be the release of the City Limits comp, but it's going down regardless.

Christian - thanks dude. When we get back from Europe we all have to work a lot to make up for all the ups and downs of the last 6 months' touring. So it probably won't be until spring/summer but I love Va Beach and would love the excuse to come back when we're going towards DC/Richmond next.