Endless Blockades for the Turd Lurkers


18.11 GER - Giessen @ AK 44
19.11 SWI - Luzern @ Sedel
20.11 GER - Freiburg @ KTS
21.11 ITA - Casalmaggiore (CR) @ Holy Fog Fest | Fuori Porta *4pm
21.11 ITA - Bologna @ Nuovo Lazzaretto *9pm
22.11 AUT - Vienna @ Arena Beisl
23.11 CZ - Brno @ Yacht Club
24.11 CZ - Prague @ 007
25.11 GER - Potsdam @ Black Fleck
26.11 DK - Copenhagen @ Lades Kaelder
27.11 DK - Aalborg @ 1000 Fryd
28.11 GER - Hamburg @ Hafenklang
30.11 FRA - Caen @ El Camino
01.12 UK - Canterbury @ The Chantry Club
02.12 UK - Manchester @ The Spread Eagle
03.12 UK - Hull @ 41 Club w. Rot In Hell
04.12 UK - Bradford @ 1 in 12 Club
05.12 UK - Durham @ The Arlington House
06.12 UK - London @ The Grosvenor
07.12 UK - Brighton @ The Prince Albert
08.12 BEL - Kortrijk @ The Pits
09.12 BEL - Gent @ Minus One
10.12 GER - Essen @ Cafe Nova
11.12 GER - Berlin @ Shokoladen
12.12 GER - Dresden @ Az Conni
13.12 GER - Wuerzburg @ Immerhin
14.12 GER - Mannheim @ Juz
15.12 FRA - Lyon @ Warm Audio
16.12 BEL - Brussels @ DNA
17.12 NL - Tilburg @ Little Devil
18.12 NL - Horst @ Cafe Babouche
19.12 NL - Amsterdam @ Winston

Thanks so much to everyone that helped us out in the last tour, it was a lot of ground to cover in less than 2 weeks, but it ruled. To everyone out east in Canada, we're going to be back soon as we can, hopefully for a full run to NFLD and back in the spring/summer. Thanks to Chris B and 538 Johnston in NYC. We met the boys from Torch Runner and Low Sky that night and ended up spending a few of the best tour days I've ever had with them in NC. It's crazy to be swinging off a rope swing in a swimming hole one day and coming home to minus zero Canadian cold just hours later. But thanks so much to Zac, Rob and the whole crew out there. You guy rip, and are great cooks. And Henry, RJ and everyone in DC for making it such a good time. I wish every show was at a vegan soul food joint.
The Fest ruled, Torche killed it, it was too bad we had to keep moving towards Birmingham Saturday and back home for Sunday night. So much good food and good times packed into one weekend. Thanks to Rick Smith and all No Idea nerds. And to Jason & Kevin in Birmingham. The Toronto Halloween show was fun as hell. We were bank robbers. The Sadies were the Mummies, and Fucked Up was 1993. Thanks FU and Pesci. And everyone in Buffalo at the house show the next day. We'll also be back there soon as we can.
Europe approacheth, next week. See below for final list of shows. There will be a limited European version of the LP with the alternate "black" cover, and all kinds of shirts and crap like that. After Europe we're taking a few months to chill out, work real jobs and write some new songs. In Mar/April we'll be playing SXSW and shows on the way there and back, and 2 more east coast US shows with Nails which will be formally announced soon.
For now the only home game on the horizon is the New Years Eve release for the City Limits LP comp, at Rancho Relaxo in Toronto with Mad Men, Molested Youth, School Jerks plus many many more. It's been years since there was a proper HC New Years in Toronto, so come down for this if you like to get your head blown off. It's gonna get sloppy.

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Peristaltic Skies

...and to everyone that commented on my huge turd, thank you for your support. It was just so thick and firm, I couldn't hide it under a bushel basket, I had to let it shine. It's funny, the internet. You pour out your heart and soul, your deepest fears and desires and don't really know who it gets out to. But you lay down an epic, particularly morbid 3-flusher and you really hear about it from friends and family within hours. My secret? A lot of leafy greens. You should see Dave's. He has some that look like question marks and coiled cobras ready to strike. His secret? Chipotle.


Alex said...

ARGH! I'll only be able to make it to the Bradford show now. Make sure that's better than your Retro Bar show.

CC said...

Alex - we'll make sure it rips. And if you were the one asking about the prints, they were lost and found on the west coast on tour, and they're on their way to Shirtkiller, so check up there, they'll be selling them online for us momentarily, but we won't have them in the UK.

Alex said...

Thanks CC. You'll be pleased to know that the poster turned up last week. No idea why it takes two months for stuff to arrive from Canada. I'm really looking forward to seeing the band again though, as I think I've listened to your demo about 3 times a week since just before I first saw you guys last October, and I've listen to the album pretty much every day since I got it. I'm looking forward to getting hold of the tour edition vinyl. I'll smash open my piggy bank for that.

Anonymous said...

Toronto misses you kids :)
Hope all is going well out there in Europe. Drink your OJ and stay strong.

- Rain