Where We're Going, We Don't Need Rhoads.

UPDATE So far so good, this tour is amazing!
We have our post-tour shows and OK City set now, see below:

June 6 - Greensboro NC @ Legit Biz w/Low Sky/Torch Runner
June 7 - Virginia Beach @ Double O Studios 7PM
w/Moutheater, Pharoah, Night Hag, Aggress, Rattling Cages
June 8 - DC w/ Omegas, Give
June 9 - Brooklyn NY @ the Acheron
w/ Omegas, Dry Spell, Mad World
June 10 - Kingston ON @ TBA

(RIP Macho Man)
(RIP False Rapture)

Alright. Thanks to Chris Slorach, Young Widows and everyone that came out to the Garrison last night, and QFF and everyone last week at Wrongbar & THAW. We leave next week for tour with Converge, Trap Them and Dropdead (select cities). On the way there we're playing these shows:

MAY 18 - Montreal @ Death House

w/ Hoodlum, Kale, Hand Cream $5/8PM

MAY 19 - Bethlehem PA @ 333 Brodhead

w/ Full of Hell, New Miseries, Muscle Revolution

($5, 9PM start/over by last metro)


MAY 20 - Baltimore MD @ Ottobar

MAY 21 - Philadelphia PA @ Broad St Ministry

MAY 22 - Cambridge MA @ Middle East

MAY 23 - Burlington VT @ The Annex

MAY 24 - Syracuse NY @ Lost Horizon (w.Coliseum)

MAY 25 - NYC @ Santos Party House

MAY 26 - Milford CT @ 21 Daniel Street

MAY 27 - Morgantown WV @ 123 Pleasant St

MAY 28 - Toledo OH @ Frankie's

MAY 29 - Braddock PA @ Unsmoke Systems

MAY 30 - Chicago IL @ Reggie's

MAY 31 - St.Louis MO @ Fubar

JUNE 01 - OFF-TOUR - OK City, OK @ Bad Grannies

w/BL,TT, Stay, Over Stars & Gutters. 8PM

JUNE 02 - Austin @ The Mohawk (Chaos in Tejas)

JUNE 03 - Little Rock AR @ Downtown Music

JUNE 04 - Nashville TN @ the Muse

JUNE 05 - Raleigh NC @ the Brewery

...June 6-10 we'll be making our way home, looks like some fun east coast shit in the works, possibly a NYC show with Omegas, details TBA in the next few days. Beyond that, we'll have July's west coast dates up here next week, including Sound & Fury, some bangers with Harvey Milk and Greys, and a few killer shows that'll surely make a bunch of trust fund punks who don't listen to us anyway tell us we're jerks. Exciting shit, so stay tuned.

Also, for anyone looking for first crack at picking up the City Limits LP out this month on High Anxiety, I'll have them with me on this tour as of Baltimore on Friday. Dig it:


wf workblog said...

Good Times in Philly and Cambridge, have a good rest of tour, guys!


ps RIP Macho Man

Charles said...

thank you for coming to syracuse. loved your set and very glad I finally got to see you guys. keep up the good shit!

love, kid in the maroon shirt.

Anonymous said...

picked up that comp on your tour....is there any download code im missing? or any place i can get that new song of yours on a handy mp3 player? as much as ive tried, vinyl doesn't work in the car