Chunks / So Ends Our Night

*** UPDATE***
Looks like we ARE going to be playing a short set at the Crass show tomorrow in MTL. Crass show is early / Doomriders is late:

DOORS 6:00
BURNING LOVE 7:00-7:30
CRASS 8:45-10:15

DOORS 9:00
LOCAL 9:30-9:50
GERM ATTAK 10:05-10:35
BURNING LOVE 10:50-11:20
DOOMRIDERS 11:35-12:20
(this one's for you, Whips)


Hey, you guys don't by any chance fancy debaucherous parties raging out of control, do you? Oh, you do?! How splendid! We're playing just such an occasion, on Friday June 17th, in Tim McCready's backyard. 159 Manning. There will be merriment, barbeque, Biblical, us and you. This is you, this is what you will look like:

...yes, you are an Asian girl and that floor will need a good resurfacing. This is sure to be ridiculous and beyond capacity, as Tim's parties tend to be, and he'll probably be doing tickets for it. So check HIS BLOG for info on that situation and we'll see you there and hold your hair back for you and rub your back like mom did when you were a kid. What's up with that, anyway? You wouldn't rub your kid's belly while they take a dump, would you? It's not soothing, just...messed up.

Parts & Labor ruled last night. It was like a Saturday on a Monday. Thanks to everyone there, and I mean everybody - from the bar to the door to the kitchen. And the kids. Nothing feels so good as a banger on home turf. Thanks to everyone for coming and supporting a good cause.

Shows Coming Up:

4.20 - Us & mother effing Doomriders @ Dees
4.21 - w/Crass +2 @ Olympia Theatre MTL
4.21 - BL/Doomriders in MTL @ Katacombes (10pm)
5.04 - THAW Fest w/ QFF +4 @ Wrongbar
May-June: Converge tour (US) & Chaos in Tejas
6.17 - 159 Manning Ave, Toronto
7.02 - w/Kommando, Spitfist +2 @ Wrongbar*
7.08 - Bushra Fest, Mississauga @ TBA

*This is a memorial/benefit show preceeding and in conjunction with a memorial Vazaleen in honor of a dear friend, Will Munro. Kommando is an insane new band with members of Brutal Knights and the Endless Blockade. Spitfist are some gnarly chicks who keep it raw and rude. And I don't know much about Plu$ Tw0. I think they're a 90's R&B duo.
We're going to be playing Sound & Fury in California this summer, and we're currently booking a ton of US weekends all year in addition to full-on tours, and the east and west coasts of Canada.
There's a new interview for Superheavy Sounds (CIUT Radio) HERE.


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Yessir. Winnipeg/Calgary/Edmonton/Vancouver In July. Just wrote a guy named Nathan about it who inquired about booking Edmonton while ago but didn't hear back yet. Are you him or know him? If so, can you put the bug in his ear?

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thanks chris