Good Times Bad Times / Indecent and Obscene

Bad Times:

Due to immigration problems, we're not going to be playing the Unbroken or Nails shows in the next 2 weeks. Heartfelt apologies and thanks to Nails, Andy Rice, Unbroken, Rich Hall, 538 and everyone involved in those shows. Homeland Security '11...No Joke.

Good Times:

It's officially announced, we're going to be out in May/June with Converge, along with Dropdead, Trap Them and others, to Chaos In Tejas and back. Some dates are still TBA but for now there's this:

5.20 Baltimore, MD @ Otto Bar
5.21 Philadelphia, PA @ Broad Street Ministry w/ Drop Dead
5.22 Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East (matinee) w/ Drop Dead
5.23 TBA @ TBA
5.24 Syracuse, NY @ Lost Horizons
5.25 New York City @ Santo’s Party House
5.26-28 TBA
5.29 Braddock, PA @ Unsmoke Systems w/ Drop Dead
5.30 Chicago, IL @ Reggies
5.31 St. Louis, MO @ Fubar
6.01 TBA
6.02 Austin, TX @ Chaos in Tejas
6.03-05 TBA

..4...and to whoever said this:


unclegill said...

Wow.. I would do extremely indecent things to anyone in order to catch a Doomriders + Burning Love show.

...get ready and have that stick of butter handy, we're holding you to it:

4.20 - Toronto @ Sneaky Dees with Doomriders (early)
4.21 - Montreal @ Katacombes with Doomriders (late)

...plus there are some local shows with Quest For Fire and other shows and fests coming together for the spring, and a West Coast Canada/US run in July, as well as one more round to Gainesville and back for The Fest in October. Anyone inquiring about US shows, please contact our man Merrick at Kenmore as of now. - Thanks y'all.

And hey...this:

Also, we're playing at P&L this upcoming Monday night with Black faxes +2, and THAW is coming up fast, check this shit out (useless slob of a right wing mayor not included):


Anonymous said...

Fuck. I was really looking forward to seeing you guys at the Nails show. Homeland Security ruined my birthday weekend.

- Mike

Anonymous said...

Why, oh why the fuck do you guys have to play in Montreal on the SAME FUCKING NIGHT that Steve Ignorant's Crass had to move his date to? Like you didn't know. You say late, well you better play later so we can all catch you too!!!

unclegill said...

"4.20 - Toronto @ Sneaky Dees with Doomriders (early)"

I think I just had an explosion in my pants... I'll bring a tub of Earth Balance.

P.S. How early is early?

CC said...

No sweat. The Doomriders show is starting intentionally late enough to follow the Crass show smoothly.

And Dees, I don't know, they have their dance club shit after this show, so keep checking where it's announced, it'll say or I'll post it here closer to.

Alex said...

damn it's been too long. last time i saw you guys was w/ coliseum @ europa last summer...was really hoping to catch BL again w/ nails @ union pool...def gonna snag tix for the show w/ converge @ santos tho.

WHIPS! said...

FUCK YEAH Doomriders and Burning love in montreal

Anonymous said...

Vegan Becel > Earth Balance.

Anonymous said...

Nice, what a night it will be!

Anonymous said...

And both venues are just two block apart. So this section of the main will look like a black stream that night.

joe said...

hey CC, what's a good way to e-mail you? wanted to discuss some cheap tragedies related stuff with you...