Triumph of the Will

Next up for home town shows is this, the show for Will Munro, who passed away a little over a year ago now. It's the first of two nights at Wrongbar, the night before Vazaleen proper, and the lineup is Burning Love, hopefully Kommando (ex-Brutal Knights), definitely Spitfist & Bathurst Queens, as well as Mark Pesci and Don Pyle DJing. It's $10 (adv) and all proceeds go to the Will Munro Fund. Please come out. (Hey, was that a double entendre? Nnnnice!) No really, come out.


blackraincircle said...

Hey dude! How about you tell us WHEN the show is?? That poster image is too small to read :P

- rain

CC said...

Yeah that is pretty hard to read, huh?
Its Sat. July 2nd.