(Making some new bros at Rock The Coliseum)

Thanks Bushra, this was super fun, probably in the top three all time outdoor South Asian festivals next to wading pools that we've ever played. This Wednesday (tomorrow) at the Velvet Underground, our last local show of the summer.
Thanks to Dave Munro, Ewan, Pesci, Don Pyle and everyone that came out to the Wrongbar Saturday night. It was a great time and holy shit, Spitfist are rad. So here's the deal. We're playing this year's Rock The Coliseum fest this Friday in Mississauga:

07.08.10 | Mississauga, ON @ Celebration Square
City Centre Drive 9:15 PM ALL AGES

...and we're playing our last T.O. show for a while next Wednesday at the Velvet Underground for Toronto's one & only Dan "Piece of Work" Burke. With Blind Shake (Minneapolis), Ultimate Most High and Greys:

07.13.10 | Toronto ON @ Velvet Underground (508 Queen)
$7 8:30PM 19+ (LINK 1,LINK 2)

...you gotta love the freak, for better or worse he's done some real legendary shit in this town.

So that's that. There are a few more US show announcements for the next little while, and then dear friends, we are gonna chill out and write another record.

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