Black Widow EP

Next up is this 7". It's our Karla Homolka jam on one side and the Laughing Hyenas "Love's My Only Crime" on the other. We're just finishing mixing it and then it's off to the races. On a related note, Josh Korody's Candle studios is incredible. Any bands looking for good spots to record in Toronto, check him/them out HERE.

PS: I Love Wavelength - Thank you TONS to everyone at Wavelength and happy 12'th anniversary. Last night was an unpredictably fun night for us, let's please do it again soon. Next shows coming up are the Converge dates (see below). We're gonna be leaking an RTTS album track momentarily on Brooklyn Vegan.


NickH said...

Sexy Times!

I will soak up your leakage; helps that it's not on Lambgoat.
& enjoy the busking with Converge!

Anonymous said...


i doubt you are bringing this monster to NFLD?

I guess i'll have to come to T.O

Cheers walter

NickH said...

This is very indulgent, but as the weekend is nigh, thought I'd share this JAM with everyone!


Lowcle Musick said...

<3 beautiful