Six Month Plan (Canada Dates Added)

EDIT: Holy Hell, thank you to our boys in Converge, Loma Prieta and Git Some for an absolutely kickass whirlwind of a week, and thanks to everyone that came out, put us up and bought our shit all week. After this, we're beyond pumped for the Apr/May dates coming up and the behemoth of a CDN/US tour that is getting officially announced NOW. Actually fuck it, if they've made it official I can say it:

Southern Lord this week confirms a devastating label tour package for this June and July, bringing some of the label's newest and most promising acts as well as some major players on the eclectic but lethal roster together for a near month-long trek across the face of America.
Organized and booked by Southern Lord founder Greg Anderson, the core acts for the tour include the Ontario-based hardcore/rock outfit Burning Love (featuring ex-Cursed vocalist), the dark lords of Swedish crust Martyrdod making their debut U.S. appearance, Milwaukee's punk/hardcore crossover outfit Enabler and Seattle's powerhouse d-beat/death-infused hardcore bastards Black Breath. Special additional performances from Poison Idea, Noothgrush, Pelican, Powertrip, Wild/Tribe, Dead In The Dirt, The Secret, All Pigs Must Dies and more will join some of the shows regionally as well.
The final routing is still being plotted and finalized, and a fully confirmed itinerary will be publicized in the next two weeks as it all takes shape.

...and we tour through the US and Canadian midwest to west coast playing with our boys in Depressing and a ton of other great bands just to get where that one STARTS! Hey, tell me true - is trucker speed straightedge? Naw, it's probably out, right? I'll stick to macha. It's gonna be a good many tens of thousands of miles, and of burritos, and of subsequent frts, 'nd BL cnt fkn wt, so we'll see you out there somewhere.


o4.03.12 Syracuse @ Lost Horizon
04.04.12 Ottawa @ Ritual
04.05.12 Montreal @ La Tulipe
04.06.12 Toronto @ Mod Club

In a few weeks, our East Coast April-May run has expanded into 9 shows:

04.26.12 Quebec City QC @ TBA
04.27.12 Sherbrooke QC @ Mulligans w.Brazen Hell,Barnburner
04.28.12 Providence RI w.Post Teens (Torche dudes)+2 @ TBA
04.29.12 NYC (matinee) @ Acheron
04.30.12 Baltimore MD @ Charm City w/Withdrawal
05.01.12 Norfolk VA @ Symphonic w.Moutheater
05.02.12 Morgantown WV @ 123 Pleasant w.Ancient Shores


06.09.12 Rotten Thing To Say LP Release (w/100 of ltd cover LPs)
Toronto @ Silver Dollar w/Purity Control +2

Southern Lord tour cat's out of the bag (above), and we're touring our way out there and finally getting across the midwest-west of Canada to do it. Some of this is still TBA, some of it is already locked down:

06.11.12 Detroit MI
06.12.12 Milwaulkee MN @ the Borg Ward
06.13.12 Minneapolis MN
06.14.12 Winnipeg MA
06.15.12 Saskatoon SK @ MoSoFest
06.16.12 Calgary AB @ The Palamino
06.17.12 Kelowna @ KOC Hall w/Depressing, Ratwheel
06.18.12 Vancouver @ Biltmore Cabaret w/Depressing, Baptists
(06.19-Mid July: Southern Lord Uber Tour)


(More fun shit on continents we've never played! Announcing next week.)


We're going to be playing The Fest this year since we missed it this past year, as well as Fun Fun Fun, and do a run down the east coast to get there and through the south to get back home from Austin.

...that's the forseeable plan as it stands right now. I'm sure more things will come up and fill in the gaps. Rotten Thing To Say is gonna have an official (May-June) release date from Southern Lord momentarily and we'll be previewing some tracks in the coming weeks. Meantime the Black Widow 7" (High Anxiety) will be out for our shows at the end of April, and available from No Idea and all the usual suspects after that.


Alex said...

Things still up in the air regarding the interior of BC? Kamloops/Kelowna? It's a matter of booking etc, but if there's a window, I might take on the task of seeing that a show hits Kelowna.

Kevin Martel said...

Quebec City, this is fucking insane!

NickH said...

SWEET - I am Stoked.

I'm not huge on cricket or rugby, but I envy the Antipodean Enemy for having you guys jam over there.
Nick Cave famously said he never got the chance to ruin his relationship with Kylie by consumating his fascination with her.

YOU, on the other hand,...

Anonymous said...

i can't wait to see you guys with converge. also i found this on youtube. pretty much an endorsement from the greatest of greats


i know both bands are gone forever but hey, pretty cool to see

NickH said...

Psyched over all this BL news, and I'm real happy for you & Im'ma let you finish, but...

OK Chris, at least there's ONE reason to check out this remake:


CC said...

Nick dude, don't even get me STARTED on that horseshit Dark Shadows gang-rape of a remake.
I saw the trailer and wanted to smash it but the screen was like 80 feet high. Looked like an even worse take on it than I'd expected.

On the upside, this is coming out because of the shit remake, so fuck it:


...and yes...yes I am taking the plunge. God knows how long it's gonna take me to watch all 1225 episodes.

CC said...

PS. Tomas from Disfear/ATG is a solid gold bro. That was pretty cool to see, since we grew up on THEIR shit. Thanks for that.

NickH said...

Ha ha! Yeah Chris, we're worlds away from great remakes like Carpenter's "Thing" and Cronenberg's "Fly". The best thing to do if something seems like it'll suck hard, just walk. Rad notion on hermitage with the dvds though!

Anonymous: I hear you! Loved At the Gates and Tompa Lindberg's screaming in Disfear. I actually got the hunch to check out Cursed when I saw one of my guitar heroes Uffe Cederlund (ex-Entombed, with Tomas in Disfear) warmly praised Cursed's brand of careening mayhem... boy, it paid off. Good Times.

Actually drooled over that Disfear, Rotten Sound & Cursed jaunt in '08. Then got kicked to the curb by a girl I was totally in love with; THEN my copy of "III" arrived! Well... it certainly created a "vibe" at the time.

packfill said...

Dude, we have to find a way to ship you some Fritz Kola. Caffeinism is sraight edge, right?

As for that At The Gates-clip, the full show is available at Erache's channel here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFBMyJUc_fU