Thanks so much to Nasum, Brutal Truth, Greg Daly and Jamie Getz for having us the last few days. Been waiting a long time to see that, let alone play it. So thank you, and nice to finally meet you, and RIP. That shit is going to level Chaos, MDF and everywhere else in its path in the next few weeks, so don't sleep on it cause it's only gonna happen once. 

Next up for us is the home town release show. Silver Dollar, Friday June 8th. As mentioned, there will be 100 of a limited cover version of Rotten Thing To Say a few weeks ahead of the release date. And we'll have some fucking awesome silkscreened posters courtesy of one Matt Daley

...Then we leave for tour across Canada to start the tour with Black Breath, Enabler and Martyrdod. See below for all the deets. 


Shaun said...

You and Black Breath on tour together? Jesus, i NEED to see this...

NickH said...

Everything constituting this post is made of "WIN," as they say.