So, 30 days and many thousands of miles later and we're in the home stretch. Today is the last Martyrdod show of the tour, and we fall off at various stops in the next few days. For us, it's Chicago. We're homesick as fuck and have the 1000 yard stare but this whole tour, it's been incredibly good to us this time around. I just wanted to say thank you to everybody on this tour who's been looking out for each other like it aught to be but rarely is, and to all the old and new faces all over Canada and the US that we've seen in the course of this tour. It's gonna be hard adjusting to any tour without camping, bocce, Rob Halford or foam parties after this. I'm hoping to make a photo book of the 35MM pictures I've been taking of this trip. But for real - to Greg, Aaron, Dave and everyone at Southern Lord, and to Enabler, Martyrdod, Black Breath and everyone out here with us, and the special surprises along the way (Bapstists, Depressing, Noothgrush, Pelican, Wild Tribe, Power Trip, Ancient Shores, Dead in the Dirt, The Secret, Poison Idea...) - thank you, it's been as good as it gets. 

     The LP is out and around at this point, we're stoked at the good response it's gotten so fast. Next up for us is Australia in August, see the Resist Records site for updated show info and someone please save me a swag, because we don't have them here and they sound like a great idea. We'll be announcing our intentions towards the US east coast and south for October/November as soon we have it mapped out, but it's looking like some exciting shit. 

PS. On second thought, maybe don't, for a few days. 

UPDATE: SAN DIEGO. This tour rules, all these dudes and bands are gross and great to watch all night and hang out with all day. Thanks to our brothers in Baptists/Depressing and everyone along Canada that made it so awesome. We're definitely gonna do it more thoroughly next year.

The LP is out. You can get it from us on this tour (dates below) or from Southern Lord now on both formats. And yes, the Toronto release cover version is long gone.There's a ton more interviews floating around, this Blow The Scene one is pretty thorough. Also a lot of reviews out there: Exclaim,  Lambgoat, Kill Your Scene, Treble. Thank you everyone for the kind words thus far. See you guys out here somewhere. Also, the full set from the Mod Club show with Converge:


Well here it comes. Album and tour. And tour, and tour. Below is the next run. I'm gonna leave this post at the top for a while and just update the info as/if it changes. We are reconfigured for four players. RIP Van #3. High hopes for van #4, with 10 cylinders and 3 feet more room, immediately cancelled out by more amps (Marshall's Marshalls). And you know, we'd have it no other way.

Cross Canada Dates

06.08.12 Toronto @ Silver Dollar w/Purity Control,Suicider,Wasteoids
06.11.12 Sudbury ON @ Millards Garage (459 Lasalle)
06.14.12 Winnipeg MB @ Mondragon (yes, at Mondragon!)
06.15.12 Saskatoon SK @ Amigos w/Ian Blurton (MoSo Festival)
06.16.12 Calgary AB @ the Palamino
06.17.12 Kelowna BC @ KOC Hall w/Depressing, Ratwheel
06.18.12 Vancouver BC @ Biltmore Cabaret w/Depressing, Baptists

US Southern Lord Tour (w. Black Breath, Martyrdod & Enabler)

06.19.12 Seattle WA @ El Corazon (+ Poison Idea)
06.20.12 Portland OR @ Hawthorne Theatre (+ Poison Idea)
06.21.12 San Franciso CA @ the Mezzanine (+ Pelican)
06.22.12 Santa Cruz CA @ the Catalyst (+ Pelican)
06.23.12 Pomona CA @ the Glass House (+ Pelican) RSVP
06.24.12 San Diego CA @ the Casbah (+ Pelican)
06.25.12 Phoenix AZ @ Chasers
06.26.12 Day Off! Carlsbad Caverns! Fuck you, we're GOIN'!
06.27.12 Dallas TX @ Club Dada (+ Power Trip, Wild Tribe)
06.28.12 Austin TX @ Red 7 (+ Power Trip, Wild Tribe)
06.29.12 Houston TX @ Walters (+ Power Trip, Wild Tribe)
06.30.12 NOLA @ 3 Ring Circus (+ Dead in the Dirt) 
07.01.12 Atlanta GA  (+ Dead in the Dirt) 
07.02.12 Raleigh NC @ Kings Barcade  (+ Dead in the Dirt) 
07.03.12 Richmond VA @ Strange Matter  (+ Dead in the Dirt) 
07.04.12 Baltimore MD @ Talking Head (Sonar) (+ The Secret)
07.05.12 Boston MA @ Radio Bar (+ The Secret)
07.06.12 Brooklyn NY @ The Acheron (+ The Secret)
07.07.12 Philadelphia PA @ the Barbary (+ The Secret) 
07.08.12 Dayton OH @ Blind Bob's (+ The Secret)
07.09.12 Chicago IL @ Empty Bottle (- Martyrdod)

...and home. If anybody knows anything good to do in the 24 hour drive from Sudbury to Winnipeg, please let us know. We like speed bowling, burritos and general tomfoolery.


You can preorder the CD HERE and get this gnarly poster with it:

...or direct from SL (HERE) & get this shirt with it:

     Otherwise, keep up with Southern Lord and all your favorite distros and the LP will be available all over town in a few short weeks. If you like records that people say nice things about, here's what STEREOKILLERNINEHERTZ (UK) and CRAVE have to say in advance about RTTS. Also, if you want to know what books and songs make burning lovers tick, go HERE. OK, good talk. See you out there somewhere. 


NickH said...

Good Times, Go Well you dudes!

As the cute Ellen Page might describe what's going down:


NickH said...

Yo Chris, a tip that may interest you:

I remember years ago, you said as long as it has Balls & Grooves, you'd make time for modern metal - NxDx, Nasum, Satyricon etc. and Cattle Decapitation.

I enjoy a chunk of CxDx, particularly "Humanure" - the cool spawn that would result if Jeff Walker & Chris Barnes could reproduce. I admired them even more for somehow seeming to be "underdogs" in the death metal world.
>> Which is why I had to notic even in that asshole of the planet Blabbermouth, the response to the new "Monolith of Inhumanity" has been surprise, delight & Horns Up. Detractors are signing up, fans are saying they've barfed up a Milestone. Heard one track so far, it RIPS.

So if you get an itch this year for deathgrind carnage -with brains- this may be The One to check out.

CC said...

Hey Nick. Thanks man, yeah Cattle Decapitation is one of the few bands like that that I follow. For misanthropic vegan grindcore they're like a Carcass for modern times. Humanure and Karma Bloody Karma are my faves of theirs, but I've heard that new one and definitely love it so far.

Ms. Thang said...

Out of curiosity, will Shirt Killer or somewhere in the US be getting vinyl LP copies sometime soon as well?

toposheet said...

hi Chris and Pat and alex!

lee here. see you in winnipeg. i wish i could have stayed in minny that day at triple rock with coliseum.

Pat, can you bring me an Our Father 7" if you have any left?

I might have a KITTENS/SHALLOW cd in the cupboard as a bribe.

travel safe.


Stvtsk said...

Here's some pics from Silver Dollar show in Toronto:

blackraincircle said...

Hello Friends and Lovers,

Thanks for the amazing show on Friday. My socks were sufficiently rocked off. i'm chilling at home right now with the kittens and the new LP. Chris, these lyrics are solid.

You've grown so much as a band in the last year alone. Super proud of all of you. Andrus, we will miss you. Very best of everything to you.

Tell Amigo's in S'toon that I say 'hello'!

See you in a month or so. Espresso is calling you...

NickH said...

Watching over all of us, an original Blues Brother (stumbled onto it courtesy of Turbonegro). The internet can pretty much retire now.
Hyperbole, but you get the gist:


Ray F said...

Chris, man...

I have the next round of questions ready for when you get back from tor if you're down to answer any more. The first round was just to get the super-fucking-obvious/generic ones out of the way early and hopefully illicit some condescending responses.

Don't think you'll be getting off that easy bucko!

Anyways, have fun on tour, and say hey to the rest of the guys for me. Don't worry, I'm not begrudging you for playing with one of my high school favorites (Noothgrush), just supremely jealous. Even more jealous if Dino is still with them.

PS. The record is a fucking Grade-A banger. Any other releases coming out this year might as well hang it up, give the fuck up and try again next year because nothing will top it.

Trevor Lucius said...

Saw a picture of the cover for the limited LP of RTTS the other day. Love it. I always got a Poison Idea vibe from BL, so I guess that kinda confirms it.

Stoked for the album release on Tuesday. Made sure it's going to be available locally already. Several live videos up on youtube from recent performances and you guys have been playing a lot of new stuff. Superstitious Friend...fuck yeah.

Trevor Lucius said...

I haven't been to Texas but I haven't heard too many good things. I did live in (Southwestern) Wyoming growing up for awhile and I can tell you that that place sucks, though I'm sure you're already aware of that if you've ever had to drive through on I-80 or were unfortunate to have ever broken down on that stretch.

Still waiting to get my hands on RTTS. Figured I'd buy it in town at a big box place (I know, I know--but there are no local record stores left where I live and I've heard that it's good for smaller bands/labels future distribution at larger stores (is it?) Well, they didn't end up having it in store even though they told me they would a few days prior. Went home and ordered it straight from Southern Lord like I should have in the first place but it's been a week now and it still hasn't arrived.

I've been holding off on downloading it or youtube-ing it in the meantime because it's definitely one release I'm really stoked for in regards to the entire experience and I want to take it all in at once-art, lyrics, headphones. The album seems to be getting great press and Karla and Hateful Comforts (which I keep replaying) are totally killer.

The Affordable Care Act passed through the supreme court here in America today. While it has some good stuff in it, it still doesn't address the underlying problems posed by a for-profit system and of course the corporate owned media aren't covering that aspect of it so to most people it's all just an issue of Democrats vs Republicans... bread and circuses, man. Sometimes Canada really does seem like a socialist paradise in comparison, what with your Single-Payer health care and regulated banks and all.

joshua shomburg said...

Show from 7/1 in Atlanta


blasting D said...


just posted a review of Rotten thing to say on my blog Blasting days.
here it is :

but what would be cool is if I could add to it an interview. is it ok with you if I send you a few questions by mail?
you can answer me at :


NickH said...

Exciting times, sounds like you & the Southern Posse made everyone your beeyotches (or something)! YES, before too long, I wanna travel to catch BL crooning live; gigwise, the only other thing that comes as close to turning me green are those future UK shows with Pig Destroyer AND Blacklisters... *tear*

Love what songs I've heard from "Rotten" so far, Rippin'! I've just ordered mine so your latest missile will be reaching Cape Town. All the best dudes.

PS. Great interview there Chris, cheers for the tip on Teenager - Awesome stuff. Kinda like Rapeman fondling "3 Imaginary Boys in the bathing suit area!

PPS. OI!!!