Down/Under (Summer Lovin' II)

Quick Update from Sydney airport, currently on our way to Perth - We're having a blast down here. The folks at Resist and all our friends and the kids here are being real good to us and the bands here are sick. 3 Aussie shows left and then NZ. Hopefully we can do this all over again before too long.

Dear Friend - This summer has been the best times yet for us as a band and some of the best times of our lives period, and still it all feels like it's just the warm-up for more and more. The SL Tour was a blast on all levels, and in less than 2 weeks we leave for Australia. Here's how it's gonna go down:

08.16 Brisbane, QLD @ Basement 243 (18+) w/ Ghost Town, Shields, The Fevered
08.17 Sydney, NSW @ Sando (18+) w/Epics, Lo!
08.18 Canberra, ACT @ Bar 32 (18+) w/ Fun Things, Birdman, Victims, Babeez
08.19 Sydney, NSW @ Blackwire (AA) w/ Fattura Della Morte, Hostile Objects
08.22 Perth, WA @ The Den (18+) w/ Vanity, Statues, Diatlov
08.23 Adelaide, SA @ Animal House (AA) w/ Hydromedusa, Starvation
08.24 Melbourne, VIC @ Bendigo Hotel (18+) w/ Pity Scissors, Urns
08.25 Auckland NZ @ Khuja Lounge w/ Cobra Khan, Parents, BAD, Bruins

...see you Bruces in the pit.

P&L - We played a very last-minute show the other night at Parts & Labor which was intended to be a secret Refused set but they didn't go through with it. For our part though, it was probably the best TO show we've ever had, so thanks to Greg SITC and all our friends at P&L. It's always good dudes & unhinged times. Here's a couple songs that our boy Julian taped. We got our friend Jose taping the whole thing as well so once it's edited, we'll throw it up here.

Burning Love - Hateful Comforts, No Love from Julian Maxymiw on Vimeo.

EMAIL - I suck at it. But you probably knew that. And to make it worse, my very elderly and already second hand G4 Powerbook has bought the ticket and taken it's final ride. So apologies to anyone that's been either writing us through here, or me personally, if I haven't gotten back or don't until I'm back from tour and get my virtual shit together. 

SHIRTKILLER - This is just a reminder that you can get all kinds of shirts and records and other goodies from the southern gentlemen at SK, and great stuff by lots of other bands too. GO HERE

BURNING LOVE / FIGHT AMP 7" - So as we mentioned, this incredibly ambitious mailorder subscription set is now underway on Ireland's Hell Comes Home Records. But for those without old-school patience, they're now taking preorders for the whole thing as a box set. Please check out this thing and some of the many fine bands on it HERE

DERANGED - A lot of people have been asking since the new LP came out and yes, you can still get the Songs For Burning Lovers LP and both EPs from Deranged. GO HERE

...so there you have it. We're gonna be playin the Phoenix in Toronto in late September with Propagandhi and CBK. More info on that, and the US shows in Oct/Nov as we get it. We've got some  TBA shenanigans we're trying to make happen on that run. 

Take care, and listen to DROGUE.

(someone's video of our whole Atlanta set. Thanks for this!)


blackraincircle said...

Don't take this the wrong way or anything, but i am now not as upset that i missed your P&L show. It's just that I might have stabbed myself in the eye if i missed both you AND Refused in a tiny venue.

Just sayin...

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