Fall 2012

Thanks so much to the folks of Resist and everyone in Australia and NZ, Bryan Wassom and everyone that helped us out on tour. It was an unreal experience and we'll do it all again as soon as possible. For now, we're playing these local shows:

09.21.12 - Toronto @ The Horseshoe Tavern w/ Hot Snakes (!?!)
09.26.12 - Toronto @ The Phoenix w/ Propagandhi & CBK

...and then we go out to The Fest and Fun Fun Fun next month, and tour there and back, including shows with DNF, Joyce Manor and our old road bros Fight Amp, as well as FINALLY playing Soybomb for a late-nighter during Not Dead Yet in November. Stay tuned for details. 

Some great words of encouragements from MRR:

... yesss, finally a Maximum reviewer that gets us!


Also, a couple videos from New Zealand & NYC:


Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh. Please.

Anonymous said...

Minneapolis, pretty please.

NickH said...

Awesome guys, glad to hear you Ripped my mortal enemies in rugger/cricket... and enjoy that show with Hot Snakes - Sexy times!

Fast-forwarding for a moment, Chris:
>> INFEST have risen from their grave for MDF next year.
I see Jon of Victims (ex-Nasum, as they now return to slumber eternal) is already arranging a place to stay; you gonna hike to Maryland?