October / November

This week we're heading down to the Fest and Fun Fun Fun, 
here's the whole deal, balls and all:

10.24.12 - Syracuse NY @ Badlands w/High On Dracula +2:

10.25.12 - Baltimore MD @ House of Casanova (2516 Barclay)
w/Heaviness of the Load +3. 8PM,BYOB (Event)
10.26.12 - Charlotte NC @ Lunchbox w/Votnut & Narratives:


10.27.12 - Gainesville FL (Fest) @ 8 Seconds 
w/Negative Approach, Naked Raygun, From Ashes Rise (Schedule)
10.29.12 - Birmingham AL @ The Forge w/ Joyce Manor +2
10.30.12 - Nashville KY @ The End w/Joyce Manor, DNF +2
10.31.12 - Little Rock AR - House Show
11.02.12 - Austin TX (FunFunFun) 12:30PM (Schedule)
11.02.12 - Austin TX (9PM) @ Holy Mountain w/Fight Amp, PowerTrip
11.05.12 - Pittsburgh PA @ Roboto Project w/Girlfight & Drug Lust

 *A recent interview by Trevor Lucius from his zine Maggotbone is up HERE. Thanks Trevor. See you all on the road.


Anonymous said...

See you at Roboto!

Trevor Lucius said...

Rad. Thanks for the mention! I'm actually gonna be in Pennsylvania on the 5th visiting the lady's family. Hope to catch you dudes live.

vish said...


Can Chris please get a hold of me?
I wanna do a CBC Music story on Burning Love ahead of Not Dead Yet.

please lemme know.


CC said...

Trevor, no sweat. Thanks again for doing it.

Vish we're in Alabama right now, on tour, we're back just a few days before NDY. The Wednesday of that week is best if it works for you. Hit me with your email in a comment and I'll get hod of you. Love to do that, thanks for thinking of BL for it.