Tour Update (Birmingham AL)

We're only half way through this week and it's been amazing. Some shows that were almost afterthoughts to the routing to and from the fests turned out to be so fun, in random last minute spots that make me wistful for bygone days - we played in a storefront in Syracuse, a sketchy Korean restaurant / karaoke bar in Baltimore and an alley in Charlotte in the first 72 hours, all of them ruling. It's great to see people using DIY spaces so creatively again. 
The Fest as always was killer. From Ashes Rise and NA, goddamn. We missed the end of the world on the east coast by hours and in the south there's not a trace of it down here. To our friends on the east coast, I hope you're all alright.

We're churning towards Austin. We're playing the FFF day show we're slotted for but also a night one with Power Trip, our boys Fight Amp, and Enabler, at Holy Mountain. That'll be the kicker. Holy hell, am I really going to see Earth, X and Run DMC in the same day? What is this magical place?

The rest of the shows are listed below. If you're in Little Rock, the BL/Joyce Manor house show is being moved to the Riverview Skatepark in North Little Rock, check your local TV station or just ask your friend, he probably knows what's up. But it is happening.

When we get home, there's NDY where we play a late show at Soybomb, FINALLY, and I wanna see someone try and ride the bike that's stuck to the ceiling. And then in December we have our last show of the year. What's the date, you ask? Do you need to ask? December 21st 2012. Buffalo NY. Stay tuned for details and I hope we see you out here. Stay pissed and all that shit but more immediately, stay dry. It's way less brutal but super practical.

 ...think about it.

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