Hey, I'm sitting here (just getting in from the funnest Toronto show maybe ever), way too late for how early I have to get up and do responsible life stuff, nursing abrasions that don't even make sense and feeling very thankful for my life and my friends right now. And the fact that I jus got to ride a bicycle upside down on a loft ceiling while playing. Obviously, in 20+ years of punk and hardcore bands, a lot of people, venues and moments come and go and slip through your fingers. And I'm not the sentimental guy that will tell you it was better in some mythological Back In The Day. Fuck that shit. I've seen some of the best bands and shows in the last 12 months than I have in my whole life. There are a lot of things and people that I miss having around, but the intersection of all our lives then, just as it is now, was/is random and we should make the most of it while it's even there. All the elements that comprised any Day are always and ever present now: people, their ideas, minds and hearts, late nights, many beers or no beers at all in their bloodstream, The Kids (be they 18 or 40 years old), their frustrations, a PA, a room, perhaps a vegan bake sale (bonus round! looking at you too KW) and the catharsis of forgetting yourself for 45 minutes in the bodies and eyes and sweat of strangers and friends. So to anyone that comes out and gets close, says what they mean and interacts with this thing - thank you. We're/I'm grateful for it. Soybomb is the best DIY spot in our city. I'm glad we ended the whole tour there. KW and London were both amazing nights too. We're going to try to get back to some places closer to home that we so often look over when routing and planning US-heavy tours. There's so much support and good things/scenes/bands going on right now close to home that make me proud of my town, and its scene. We have a very good balance right now. People know themselves and their politics and there's shit we all just wouldn't allow past the door, and at the same time it gets unhinged, wild, all arms and legs, but not in the meathead way, it's not sexually exclusive and I'm always glad that we have such a good gender and age split in Toronto. Anyway, ramblings of a half-deaf old hardcore fan who needs to go to bed. But really, thank you. I know it's been said but - ditch the heroes. Do It Yourself. Pick up a guitar and start a band, take photos and do a fanzine, have BBQs with your friends (my place is open), put on shows, make or put out records. This is yours. It gets life from your ideas and what we bounce off each other. You don't have to "be" anyone but who you are to get involved. It is exactly what we make it. Thank you. To many more such sweaty nights.

And, listen to Born Wrong.


Mid to West to North to West to East Coast tour ruled, thanks to everyone along the way. KW was fun last night even if we got shut down, we'll do it again soon. London is tonight (see post below) and Soybomb is tomorrow. Also, I'm a lying liar with bad intel, and neither Teenanger nor Mr.Coinkydink will be performing at tomorrow night's live music spectacle. But Plurals have stepped in and Soybomb will be fun, late, loud and no doubt will get sloppy as always, in the good way. Probably the best DIY venue in the city.

East Coast Canada August dates coming up next. Also, no big deal but this Edmonton brodog got an Alien Vs Creditor tattoo and it rules:

Ring Ring Ring, It's The Bank!

*also, hey, to Julian in Seattle who gave me his copy of Grendel, thank you. You're right, it rules. 

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NickH said...

Chris, thank you for this direct, positive (???. Just kidding) piece - keep it going man.

And that tattoo is Boss.