MORE SHOWS! We head out in a few weeks to the East Coast...

19 - Montreal QC w/ Drogue
20 - Sherbrooke QC @ Le Saloon w/ Sights of War
21 - Fredericton NB w/ Helm +1
22 - Halifax NS @ Plan B w/ Barlow, Burnt Church, Dan Hayward (link)
23 - St.John's NFLD (AA) 3PM@Distortion w/OfTheBlack,Frail Vessel,Bannerman
24 - St.John's NFLD (19+/Trouble Bound Anniversary Party)
25 - St.John NB @ The Shop w/Acousma, Barlow, Plaster Lungs
26 - Quebec City QC w/ Drogue
27 - Ottawa ON @ Luneta Cafe

NEW SHIRTS! We'll have some new shirts with us at these shows including this Joan Crawford redux, in praise of insane women:

NEW JAMS! We just recorded a new 7" with Josh Korody at Candle (who we did the last 7" with), it should be out in the fall on High Anxiety. Soon as it's done mixing, we'll stick one of the tracks up.


Kevin Martel said...


Do you know where you guys play in Quebec City? It's in one week and still no event or flyer...



Anonymous said...

Awesome show Saturday night in St. John's, NFLD.....So Loud! So Good!

The short story was amazing. I can't wait for the book.

thanks walter