Chillsville / Touching Cotton

Just a reminder to those far and wide that our friends at Shirtkiller now have this new BL "Bedheads" shirt available online, and all the other goodies they keep in print. CHECK IT.

We're currently laying low, waiting on the final mix the Medicine Man 7" and then it'll be off to mastering, into the oven and out some time over winter. Meanwhile, did you know you can "make money" "working" "jobs"? Yeah, I know. It was weird to me too. 25-year-late pass.


NickH said...

Excellent stuff Chris & co. To keep you inspired:


NickH said...

Yo Chris hope you and the guys are well ie "Wicked pissed!!" or something. Here's something to stoke the vibe:


(Any new tunes in particular been doing it for ya lately?)